Seiken NKB Elite 8 3Piece

5Hx100 @ 18x8.5 et 37, 18x8.5 et 37 1 minor curb rash. Status: SOLD


Custom Wheel Service We can enlarge, rebarrel and rebuild most wheels to most diameter, width, and offset. This includes turning wheels to two-three piece, redrill, powdercoat, paint, pin-stripe, machine, polish lips to new condition for any wheel. We can also drill PCD holes, and bore hubs for wheels to match your car. You can send your rim halves and bolts to be assembled during the rebuild with no additional cost on top of our regular labor charge.

International Customers We sell and ship wheels worldwide without tires to keep air freight low. Please inquire about this through our support pages on top.

Common Questions
Are these wheels still available?Our inventory is directly linked to our website. If the wheel is listed on here with a price then you can purchase it.
Can you remove tires?We do not charge to dismount tires. This will reflect in cheaper shipping rates, but will not change the price of the wheels since pricing is reflected on the wheels itself and not the tires.

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